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As a homeowner, I understand the importance of a solid, well functioning roof that can withstand the elements.  I also understand how disruptive and expensive having a new roof installed can be.  The average roof replacement in the United States costs homeowners over $10,000 and roofs that used to last for 30 or more years are now failing after 15 years due to the reduction in the amount of asphalt in newer shingles.


In addition to being a huge financial burden, the roofing industry also greatly impacts our environment. Roofs make up 10% of the material in landfills in the US and 13.5 million tons are added annually!  The environmental impact of putting these shingles into landfills cannot be overstated. Industry experts estimate that asphalt shingles take between 300-400 years to fully decompose, leeching carcinogenic chemicals into our groundwater.


Our mission is to disrupt the roofing industry by making roof rejuvenation widely available in our community in order to save homeowners money and have a positive environmental impact.


Vibrant Roofs is the local dealer for Virginia, North Caroline & Maryland of the best and only patented roof rejuvenation product on the market called Peak 301.  Peak 301 is a USDA Certified Biobased product derived from soy oil and made right here in the United States.  It is formulated to reverse the effects of aging in asphalt shingles by restoring flexibility and stopping granule loss.  It also blocks the harmful effects of UV light which helps prevent further aging.  Peak 301 can be used to restore an old roof or maintain a new roof.  The average treatment is about 10-15% of a roof replacement and next less then 2 hours.


In addition to roof rejuvenation, Vibrant Roofs provides our customers with roof cleaning, annual roof maintenance and through our strategic partnerships can assist with new roofs, gutters, and solar.


If you think I can help, or are just curious to learn more about the process, please call, email or fill out our contact form. 

All the best,







Parker J Thurman

Founder/CEO, Vibrant Roofs

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