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Vibrant Roofs is a full-service roof solutions company based out of Virginia Beach.  We are the only company in Hampton Roads and the Outer Banks to offer our patented Peak 301 roof rejuvenation treatment and also can help provide our customers with roof cleaning and roof replacement.

Our patented roof rejuvenation comes with a 6 year transferrable warranty.  One year more then roofmaxx

Serving Virginia, North Carolina & Maryland

Our patented formula was developed to work its way through every single part of every single shingle to fix the chemistry that breaks down over time. One application will add at least 6 years to your roof. Guaranteed by warranty. But as long as your shingles are in decent shape, it’ll be more like adding a decade.  Take the first step to ensuring your roof lasts and schedule a complementary roof inspection today.

Why it's better

Most homeowners in the U.S. choose asphalt shingles because they are the easiest to find, most affordable and versatile types of roofing.  The Average roof costs at least $20,000 to replace.


Our patented soy-based chemical design, Peak 301 works by repairing the structural integrity of the shingle by creating a membrane that stretches across your entire roof, repairing worn elements that may have been caused by damage from harmful UV rays, deterioration by rain, wind and overall aging. Peak 301 also offers an industry leading 6-year warranty!


That’s why our Vibrant Roof Renewal is the perfect preventative alternative to replacement. This not only saves you time and money, but also refreshes the appearance of your roof increasing value and curb appeal of your home.


day to day shingle damage from UV rays


molecular structures inside shingles for lasting results


your roof for hits from hail and branches


your roof’s appearance for the whole neighborhood.


The Formula Is The Difference

The engine inside Peak 301 that makes it so much smarter and so much better than other roof treatments is what we call the “chemistry-correcting formula.” The formula works its way through every single part of every single shingle to fix the broken chemistry of aged asphalt.

The soybean-based science behind the formula was developed at Iowa State University, and is backed by a US Patent. Others will offer you a product “made from soybean oil,” but our product is not the same old oil-based approach as the competition. We can apply our product to new roofs for protection or old roofs for renewal.

Grit Retention Is All About Protection

A healthy roof has a lot of grit. That’s because the granule textures across the surface are the first line of defense for everything below, including the soft underbelly of your roof and the bedrooms just under that.

Peak 301 strengthens the actual asphalt structure of the shingle that provides the weatherproofing foundation those granules need to withstand whatever the world throws at ‘em.

The takeaway? Left untreated, shingles lose more than double the amount of grit compared to shingles treated with Peak 301.

Roof Rejuvenation in Virginia Beach

Penetration Is Peak 301’s Specialty

Peak 301 roof rejuvenation

The problem with other products is only the roof’s surface receives reinforcement. Once that superficial layer wears away, your roof is right back where it started.

Peak 301 works like a molecular cleanse to flush out brittle, breakable elements from the asphalt shingle that could otherwise cause leaks and lead to premature roof replacement.

The takeaway? Researchers at Iowa State University developed a new kind of rejuvenating formula that takes an active role in the absorption process to reach every single part of every single shingle. This is the superior protection you need from our unpredictable weather in Virginia.

Flexibility Is The X-Factor

When a tree branch or hailstone hits one of the asphalt shingles on your roof, flexibility is the difference between bouncing back or snapping in half.

Shingles have to sit under the sun and bake out in the heat. That’s why flexibility is often the first feature to deteriorate, just before you see the sure signs of an unpreventable roof replacement: cracking and curling.

The takeaway? Peak 301 is designed to specifically soften the asphalt that holds the shingle together, and as a result, restores flexibility by nearly 50%. Other products can only manage about 20%.

Vibrant Roof Rejuvenation

Fire Resistance

Independent testing showed that one application of Peak 301 reduced the spread of fire from 44 inches down to 14 inches. That’s a 68% improvement in fire protection for your roof.


Independent testing showed that Peak 301 performs 30% better than the current leading roof rejuvenator  That means it de-ages shingles and rebuilds protection by 30% more, and Peak 301 does it at much less cost. The science inside is the key to our winning formula. You can trust our patented, tested, and guaranteed product.


Peak 301 costs less than 15% of the average roof replacement. That means a homeowner who’s been quoted $8,000 for a new roof can typically expect to pay around $1,000 for an application of Peak 301.

Peak 301 is a USDA BioCertified product

From farm to rooftop

Peak 301 is all-natural, non-toxic and sustainable in every sense of the word.

Our mission is rejuvenate 1,000 roofs in Coastal Virginia by 2025 in order to preserve our local ecosystem and save homeowners money.

Roofs makes up


of construction waste in landfills

and create

13.5 million

tons of waste annually

Roof Renewal costs just


of a roof replacement

and can extend a roof's life by

10 yrs

with one application

Roof Rejuvenation


We have an older roof and have been wondering if it was time to replace. Heard of Vibrant system and thought I would give it a try. Parker and crew explained the process, answered all my questions and quoted a fair price. Roof looks great and it’s life has been extended for many years. Good investment, in my opinion.


I highly recommend this business and the product they use! What a great alternative to replacing the entire roof. Not only has the appearance of my roof improved, but there is also peace of mind knowing that the shingles are protected against the drying effects of UV rays as well as from hail and falling branches. Working with Parker was a pleasure, and the process was seamless. He even painted the flashing around the chimney, and I was grateful for the inspection of the skylight. Everyone should consider this innovative approach to roof maintenance. It could save you thousands of dollars!


I had the Vibrant Roof Renewal System sprayed on my roof. My roof looks 15 years newer than my neighbors on either side. The warranty of 6 years additional life makes this purchase a winner.


Ready to hit reset on your roof?

When you contact us for a free quote, we use satellite imagery to accurately measure the area of your roof and get back to you quickly with a quote. From there, we'll schedule a convenient time to inspect, tune up, and treat your roof.

3 Easy  Steps to Renew Your Roof:


Detailed Assessment

Free roof inspection
This essential first step ensures that Peak 301 is right for you. We take pictures of any items of concern found during the assessment of your roof to share with you.


Maintenance to Your Roof

roof maintenance
Before treating, Vibrant Roof Renewal will perform a tune-up of your entire roofing system, with focus on the flashings, the most leak-prone areas of your roof.  If needed, we will also provide a quote to clean your roof.


Apply Peak 301

Applying Peak 301

With one simple application, a homeowner will add at least 6 more years of life to their roof. But as long as their shingles are in decent shape, they can expect a full decade.

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